Monday, November 9, 2009

What Minks?

I rode with some kitwits yesterday.
Kit- Wit: From the root knitwit re.: people that wear too many clothes when riding
Definition 1: cyclist who wears a $200 jersey and $150 shorts
Definition 2: cyclist who wears polar expedition weight gear compulsively
Definition 3: cyclist who wears a $200 jersey and $150 shorts over polar expedition weight gear when it is 65 degrees out, soaking it in his own perspiration before removing any one piece of it and when he finally does - usually on a steep hill, splashes his stinking sweat on your oh so cool kit.
I love riding with my friends, even kitwits. Yesterday we rode in the Minks Hills of Bradford and Warner, bushwhacking at one point to Devil's Den for a ritual sacrifice and needless exertion. Nice chunky caves there and a double secret passageway to the top. BUT NO MINKS! What the hell, I've never seen minks there. I guess they should have named the area Zebra Hills and then they would have killed all the zebras, and then I'd see Minks in the Zebra Hills. I like minks. They just hide when I come riding along.
I've seen minks on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, which obviously means Lake Mink, but they disguised the reference to the furry buggers.
This time of year, my mind wanders cuz I really want to be riding more, I become restless, annoyable, and in need of purpose in my life. I'm like a toddler who is grumpy until placed in water- grumpy until placed on bike. That's me.