Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Future World

Over the past few weeks, I've compiled a list of all the New England XC MTB races for 2009. If you want to do them all, you'll have to be in three places simultaneously on a dozen weekends. There are over 40 XC races alone! Add in DH, summer cyclocross, hillclimbs, short tracks, 6 and 12 hour variants and the total becomes over 60! Gee what will I do this weekend... race? I hope attendance is up this year, but the number of races will water down attandance at any one. Oh well. We'll be out there rippin it up. Good to see promoter enthusiasm.

Man Cave Update: The old gold Schwinn is looking fine - after struggling to remove the Titec carbon seatpost which involved drilling, a vise, hammer, screwdriver, steel rod and finally (I threw in the towel...) hacksaw. The result was $90 worth of weird carbon and resin smell to save a seatclamp. Not just any seatclamp, but one with a little laser etched tomato. Hio happy tomato. Welcome to your new home. All that is left now if moving the cranks, installing a new seatpost and saddle(Terry Fly Ti for $37.77!), and scrounging up a pair of eggbeaters. All the bikes are wearing them. Stylish. With the oversized Michelin All Mountains on it, the thing looks beefy.

All this keeps me going in the dead of winter without a Pugsley. 15-23 inches of white powder is forecasted in the next 24 hours. Dirt, I know you're out there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Blog or not to Blog?

Created the blog yesterday and I am now having thoughts of " Why would someone read it?" "What's good content?" and "Why bother?"
Then I settled on "Why not? It's a log I can look back on to activate fading memory."
1. Practical.(A place to post)
2. Indulgent.(Forgive me -it's all about my perspective, but maybe someone will enjoy or find a golden nugget amongst my ramblings.) and WTF? it's
3. Inconsequential.

I'm heading for spin class tonight - an hour of high output on poorly maintained Giant spin bikes in a room of overweights desperate for better self image and social intercourse. Intercourse, good. I wonder if the instructor will play Michael Jackson's "Beat It" again.
Better put some tissue in the ears, just in case.

P.S. The Tour Down Under is underway and the Lanceroo's hopping mad.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Quiver

Decided to rip down the stairs this morning on my buttcheeks. Which got me to thinking: Hmmmm, wool and wax - I wonder if it would be quicker than the new RED? Think of it... SRAM ASSBUMP '10. I guess the fiber bearing system might have a few bugs to get past. Possiblities! Ah, Nevermind.
My quiver in the man cave just welcomed a new addition: a gold ano Homegrown Ltd frame - the one I busted at Landmine 2004. After two years, one of the original Fat Chance welders came through. She's lookin' pretty sassy "Ride me big boy, but build me up first." She calls out every time I walk by, swinging her top tube at me... I'm having a hard time walking by acting disinterested. Gotta conduct some surgery soon, moving a REBA Team from the race rig to her and cut out the other organs from my HG Pro whose dropout committed hari kari at FOMBA a year ago. I'm coming darling! She senses I've had others but I keep them at a distance. She's gonna cry when I wheel down the other gold ano HG LTD from the mud room, I just know it. Women.