Monday, October 18, 2010

Video Fix - Bavarian Cowpath Extravaganza

Somehow bringing my stuff(kit, helmet, shoes, pedals, tools, tube etc.) leads to hitting the trails and breaking up otherwise end to end days of work. It's a welcome event and this past weekend Georg picked me up at the hotel in Munich and we ventured south to the Alpen lands of Leggries, taking in a gravel road ascent and cow-path descent up out of and back down into the clouds. That was one good beer consumed listening to some old gents singing traditional tunes while overlooking a sea of white with Austria jutting upward beyond. This bit of vid should give you some of the malty flavor. What a day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ECCC Collegiate Racing

Catamount Family Center Oct 2
For the past several weeks, the local collegiate MTB racing scene been rockin'. These kids, ahem , young adults, fly in both XC and gravity events split between Saturday and Sunday with XC and Dual Slalom or 4 Cross the first day, and STXC and DH on Sundays.
I've be travelling with the UNH team as "coach" and it's been wicked good, ayup.
Exhibit A(Catamount Family Center Oct 2):
Exhibit A implies there is an Exhibit B(Catamount Oct 2):